Low User Basic Greenville

Low User Basic Greenville

per billing cycle

$19.95 per month
Free Cost Per Additional Minute
$10.00 800 Phone Number
28 Day Billing Cycle
Low Monthly Fee
Local Phone Number Available

City Plans for Low-Volume Businesses

Similar to the Basic Plan, The Low User Basic Service Plan was created for businesses that require basic information from their callers. This basic information includes name, number, and what the call is regarding. The Basic City Plans pricing is billed at $0.45 per call, billed in a 28 day billing cycle. The monthly fee includes 50 FREE calls. This plan is ideal for low-volume businesses that simply require the basic information from their callers, or need overflow City Plans.

Note: A one-time setup fee of $15 is applied to all new accounts.


Customize your Low Volume City Plans:


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