Startup - 50 Minutes

Startup - 50 Minutes

per billing cycle

$45.00 per month
$1.00 Cost Per Additional Minute
Free 800 Phone Number
Low Monthly Fee
Customizable Answering
Local Phone Number Available
HIPAA Compliant Service

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Answering Service for Low Call Volume Businesses

The Startup Answering Service Plan was created for businesses that don't receive a ton of phone calls. We can collect basic information from callers that includes name, number, and what the call is regarding. This plan has a base rate of $45.00 per month and includes 50 minutes of receptionist time. Each additional minute costs $1.00. This plan is ideal for low-volume businesses that simply require the basic information from their callers, or need overflow answering service.

Note: A one-time setup fee of $15 is applied to all new accounts.


If you have any questions or are ready to begin service,
call us at (800) 785-6161.

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