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Order Taking 

The bottom line when it really comes down to it is that online marketing is all about sales. Now there may be different ways of going about it but in the end what determines success or failure is conversion numbers. At Courteous Communications we know this, every one of our staff knows that sales is the fuel that runs your marketing machine. For today’s entrepreneur who’s involved with e-commerce it all really all boils down to order taking. All too often though, with so many other things going on the process of order taking is something that’s just left for the buyers to work out. Today’s Internet shopper however, is a fickle buyer with a short attention span and this is why so many of today’s more savvy marketers are turning to Courteous Communications for solutions.

When Shoppers Express an Interest are You Ready to Respond?

When a potential shopper expresses an interest in your wares in today’s hypercompetitive global Internet marketplace you simply must have the tools and personnel in place ready to respond. At Courteous Communications those lead capturing tools are ‘Active Response’, a software trifecta that ensures that no opportunity is lost. Purchase to a Call, Click to Call and Register to Call are the tools that engage your customers automatically. One of the core reasons that your local off-line community-based shopping outlets still survive in spite of the convenience, lower prices and selection that comes with Internet shopping is customer service. Basic things like having a real person there to answer questions make a huge difference. All that has changed though, now because with our ‘Active Response’ software tool bundle e-markers are now capable of the same level of customer service on their sites.

We Never Close Our Doors So You’re Always Open for Business

By partnering with Courteous Communications you are assured that the tools and team is available day and night each and every day of the year to engage perspective clients and customers via phone, chat or e-mail. Also every one of our team members has completed a rigorous training and screening process to ensure that only consummate professionals engage your perspective buyers. The trained and experienced business support team associates at Courteous Communications, equipped with our Active Response user interactive site communication tools work 24 hours a day seven days a week churning leads into sales. They respond in real time to question submitted by Active Response interactive software, provide immediate replies to e-mails and answer 90% of phone calls within three rings. Keep in mind here also that this software that installs onto your site comes free of charge.

Time is Of Essence in Today’s Online Marketplace

Seconds count in today’s fast-paced Internet marketing arena, so it’s paramount that you have the personnel online ready to move the moment a potential customer expresses an interest. At Courteous Communications we are your phone support connection for brandable Web chat as part a standard e-commerce support package. Custom Web chat interface that incorporates your company’s logo for chat invitations to be initiated in accordance with specific Web rules or initiated by potential customers. Outsourcing the responsibility of fielding calls and interacting with your clients and customers should come with some level of trepidation. It’s a lot of responsibility and what you don’t need is people miles away in another time zone playing fast and loose with your message and brand. So ours is a brandable web chat interface that can be custom-designed with your colors and logo. Also no need to worry about what’s being said because team members operate only in accordance with your preestablished protocols, standard and scripts that are flashed onto their screen as each call, e-mail or chat comes in.

Knowledge and Experience Pays With Increased Sales

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you go online and pick out a call fielding a front desk outsourcing service at random because they’re not all the same. Business in the service sector just doesn’t work that way because a firm is really only as good as the staff that they employ.

The reputation that we carry with this didn’t come by accident. Rather it was established by way of policies like a stringent employee screening process. We also train those that we do higher before they start in working with clients. This versus the other call fielding firms with high turnover rates that are known for training their workers on their clients customers.

We are also one of the few front desk outsourcing firms who maintains a full in-house staff of IT research and design specialists. Specialist whose job it is to continually upgrade existing hardware and to develop new technologies to help us serve our clients better.

Our word is your guarantee that each team associate is completely familiar with the most effective up selling and cross-selling techniques and also stands at the ready to tactfully promote your latest product offerings.

Each team member is also equipped with a complete roster of product information and custom scripts contained in a personal desktop to better expedite sales. Then you’re free at any time to make account changes as you deem fit, and with our cloud-based systems any changes made are automatically reflected it across our entire system

Our in-house design, development and project management IT teams ability to create and manage custom applications sets new standards in the industry that few of our competitors can come close to matching. One shining example of Courteous Communication superiority in this area is reflected by our state-of-the-art switchboard call management system.

It allows team members to seamlessly manage and support online commercial operations of all sizes.

It better enables team members to promote your firm, your products and protocols to business support Associates.

It directly links to your sites order management system to allow our associates to track and monitor orders more effectively.

The Bottom Line on Courteous Communications Order Taking: