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The Internet more than anything else has done more to broaden the horizons of today’s marketing entrepreneurs. They can now reach further across time zones, even into other countries, and it all goes on for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Be aware though, that you’re not the only show in town because the Internet also brings you untold numbers of new competitors. So to you must have exemplary customer service, and this is where Courteous Communications comes in. In today’s hyper competitive Internet marketing arena you need more than just a varied selection of products and services. What this means is that if you have any hope of carving out a dominant position a capable customer support and public relations team must be available 24 hours a day every day of the year to maintain your presence.

Making it Easy for Your Visitors to Shop

The Internet is now touted as a shoppers wonderland and this is for three good reasons. First low overhead means low prices, so it’s common knowledge that anything that can be purchased locally can be purchased cheaper online. Then secondly the selection is vast, so you have local stores beat out there as well, and then thirdly it’s convenient. Even so, through it all there are reasons people still flock to local shopping outlets and one of them is service. So chances are that if there is someone shopping on your site right now and they have a question they’re simply out of luck, and once again this is were Courteous Communications comes in. The last thing you need is anything to hinder a potential customer from becoming a paying customer. Our expert site analysts will collaborate with you to identify, minimize and if possible remove any barriers that stand in the way of smooth transactions. Seconds count once a customer starts loading their shopping cart so even the slightest delay can result in that cart being abandoned so the path from initial lead to a closed deal must be as smooth and seamless as possible on your site.

Removing Barriers and Installing Software-providers

We have the software tools to make your site more user interactive and as a result more user-friendly. They cost you nothing, install quickly and finally put you on an even footing with local community-based businesses in terms of customer service. What they do is allow for immediate contact with the business support team at Courteous Communications if you have any questions or need any type of technical support on products they have previously purchased.

Where Training and Experience Counts

There are many call fielding and the front desk outsourcing services to choose from online. The problem you have though, is that just as with any type of business genre some are simply better than others in terms of what you get for what you pay. So we here at Courteous Communications go the extra mile to set us apart from the pack and it begins with a rigid screening process with each new hire. After that they’re taught to use the scripts and instructions that you provide to guide them with each call, e-mail or chat. Who your customers are determines how you should approach them so a generic one-size-fits-all system just won’t cut it in today’s more competitive business environment. We are the consummate experts that custom blending the perfect amalgam of psychology, art and science that goes into a successful customer outreach policy. From the web chat window, to email or phone contact and on to finalized transaction expert communication skills or key.

Equipped With the Latest e-Marketing Technology

Our proprietary web based CRM interface allows our e-business support team members to instantly log directly into your website order management system. So they take an active part in monitoring and placing orders to ensure a smooth flowing lead to sale process. All protocols, instructions and scripts provided by you are also instantly displayed on the screen to ensure that everything that is said and done carries your personal brand. By way of our web-based CRM interface, our sales and support representatives are able to directly access your web based order management system. They can then store your customer activity data within our SaaS-delivered application to communicate with a single consistent voice to promote your brand.

See for Your Yourself How it all Works!

Why take our word on it though, when you can contact Courteous Communications to see and experience for yourself the higher-level of customer support that we can bring to your emarketing site to drive more sales.

The Bottom Line on Courteous Communications e-Marketing Support