The CourteousCom Advantage: One Price For Multiple Services

“Hitting two birds with one stone” is an old cliche so we reinvented it. With A Courteous Communications, you can hit multiple birds with one stone. How does this work? If you choose A Courteous Communications as your primary contact center and live telephone answering service provider, you will have the option to use your minutes plan for all the other services that we offer.

Before we go to the details of our multiple services waiting for you to benefit from, A Courteous Communications would like to assure you, our valued customer, that we are committed to the growth and success of your business. We do our best to make things easy and convenient for you. For one, our plans are straightforward and our contract brief and concise. If you are a start-up business or if you want to try our services on a short-time before you commit to a long term partnership with us, you get a plan for a month or two. It is all up to you because A Courteous Communications does not require annual commitment. As your business grows, we have the technology to accommodate your growing needs.

Multiple Services Offering

Our phone answering is a live telephone support to accommodate your customers’ requests and inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year. This is a round-the-clock support service perfect for business with a huge customer base.

Appointment Taking is a service that frees you to do other things and not stay by the phone because you don’t want to miss any appointment calls. We have a reliable and experienced staff to take those calls and manage your schedule. This is one of our basic services to help busy people like you organize your daily business routine.

Inbound Direct Response is a service that you can use if you are doing direct marketing for your products or services. If you avail of this service, we will designate a team of experts to answer calls that are related to your advertising and marketing campaigns. This service is also applicable for order processing and e-commerce checkout, lead qualification, management and generation, and product support and customer feedback.

Live Web Chat is a simple but effective solution to improve your website’s traffic and, eventually, increase your sales. By adding an instant communication feature such as live chat option in your website, your customers have easy access to you for any questions they may have about your product and service.

Lead Capture service is meant to keep potential customers from going somewhere else. It can be done in three ways: register-to-call, click-to-call, and purchase-to-call. Whichever of the three ways you would prefer, the goal here is to gather potential customers with contact information so that you will have a way to reach them and offer your products and services.

Among other services that we offer include: Urgent Call Handling, Message Taking,After Hours Answering, Generate and Qualify Leads, Virtual Receptionist Services, and more. Contact us through 1-800-713-4750 for more information.

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