The Power of a Virtual Answering Service

Yes, we are outsourced receptionists that answer your company calls from a virtual answering service in Orlando. Want to know what other support staffing services we offer?

Virtual Answering Service

What can our virtual answering service do for you and your business?

When you think of a receptionist, what do you think their daily tasks consist of? Answering your business telephone lines, yes, but what else? We here at A Courteous Communications Virtual Answering Service are going to list out the general duties, requirements and expectations from an on-site receptionist.

Schedule | Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Pay Rate | $30,000 annually ($3,675 Paid Time Off Total)

Min. Benefits | 5 Paid Sick Days ($600 annual cost bonus)

5 Paid Personal Days ($600 annual cost bonus)

5 Paid Holiday Days ($600 annual cost bonus)

30 Min Paid Lunch ($1,875 annual cost bonus)

Tasks | Answer Incoming Business Calls

Record and Retrieve After-Hour Voice Mail Messages

Take and Deliver Telephone Messages

Schedule and Confirm Appointments and Staff Schedules

Dispatch Calls for CEO and Staff Management

Greet and Serve Visitors of the Office

Clean and Maintain Receptionist Area

Traits | Cheerful, Friendly and Polite

Solution Oriented; Problem Solver

Professional and Efficient Call Handler

Skilled in Elite Customer Service

Attentive to Details; Low Clerical Errors

Computer Program and Calendar Savvy

List Source: All figures are averaged out and gathered from resumes online

Pay Rate: Average in Orlando, Florida | Central Florida | State of Florida

When we think of on-site receptionists, naturally as business owners ourselves, we think of the overhead costs associated with hiring internal telephone support staff. After adding up just the minimum of costs it would cost you, the business owner, $26,325 just for hours worked each year to hire an office receptionist. The business owner must than provide almost $3,400 dollars in paid time off and other benefits an internal receptionist requires. And these figures don’t even include the overhead and costs for providing health insurance, dental or accidental insurance.

Now, let A Courteous Communications show you the power of hiring a virtual receptionist from a 24 hour telephone answering service. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised at how many qualities and services we can bring to your business as virtual receptionists.

Schedule | Our Telephone Customer Service Agents, Virtual Receptionists and Virtual Scheduling Assistants are available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; 365 days a year

Pay Rate | Services as low as $10 a month!

Billing | Time Billing:

With this option, you are billed in 6 minute intervals and are only billed for the time our virtual receptionists spend with each of your callers. Many of our competitors bill higher minimum rates and we believe our low cost telephone answering services allow every business owner to enjoy the benefits of receptionist admin support without breaking your bank.

Call Billing:

With this option, you are billed with each call that we answer on your business’s behalf; no matter the length of the call. This billing feature allows you to utilize our virtual receptionists in a higher capacity. For instance, if you wanted us to take over your appointment scheduling and remote calendar, you may want to discuss this option with one of our telephone answering specialists during an initial consultation. Another great business candidate would be a business owner that is providing a detailed script and/or questionnaire for their callers.

Min. Benefits | Nothing! You Never Pay for the Virtual Receptionist Benefits!

That’s our job!

5 Paid Sick Days ($____ annual cost bonus)

5 Paid Personal Days ($____ annual cost bonus)

5 Paid Holiday Days ($____ annual cost bonus)

30 Min Paid Lunch ($____ annual cost bonus)

Tasks | Answer Incoming Business Calls

Answer After-Hour Business Calls

Answer Holiday and High Volume Calls

Take and Instantly Deliver Telephone Messages

Transfer Calls to Appropriate Staff Telephone Extensions

Schedule and Confirm Appointments and Staff Schedules

Field On-Call Dispatch Services 24 Hours a Day

Provide Emergency Answering Services

Process Credit Card Orders and Service Fees

Provide Morning Wake Up Call Services for CEO

Text and Email Calendar Confirmations and Cancellations

Did we mention: We Answer Your Calls All Day, Every Day? You have the control in what calls we answer and what calls you answer. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Traits | Cheerful, Friendly, Polite, Enthusiastic and Courteous

Solution Oriented; Problem Solver; Skilled Researcher

Internet, Program and Software Customer Help On-Site

Highly Professional and Efficient Call Handler

Provides Award Winning Telephone Customer Service

Computer Universal Programs and Calendars Savvy

Attentive to Details and Accurate With Names, Numbers and Abbreviations

Competitive Rates and Custom Business Answering Service Packages

State of the Art Equipment and Backup Generators

On-Site Customer Service Managers 24 Hours a Day

List Source: Exclusive to A Courteous Communications Answering Service Policies, Procedures and Company Culture

What should every business owner know? Every entrepreneur that desires to be successful should know the breakdown in costs, benefits and their company’s ROI when deciding how to handle their ringing telephone calls.

According to the comparison charts above, it is clear that a virtual receptionist holds powers that you may have never even considered. We at A Courteous Communications Answering Service can offer up our award winning 24 hour call center to your new and existing customers.

We care about the success of your business and want to help you minimize your overhead costs while maximizing your dollars invested. You won’t pay our virtual receptionists for paid time off such as holidays or sick days; that’s what we do as the business telephone answering service. We take care of all costs and overhead associated with the receptionists that answer your lines.

Who is answering your calls right now at this moment? As a business owner, at the very least, you should be able to respond with, “someone.” As a successful business owner and valued customer of A Courteous Communications, you would be able to respond: “My highly trained telephone support team is answering my business calls right now and scheduling my new client appointments.” Think about how good that would sound coming out of your mouth at a networking event at 9:00 pm on a Saturday.

Our virtual answering service staff looks forward to hearing from you!

If the facts above sound good to you and make good business “cents,” give our virtual answering service a call today and have a free initial consultation to discuss your business’s future growth.


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