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3 Ways a Virtual Office Receptionist Can Help With Non-Revenue Generating Distractions

If you are a new small business owner, you have just discovered how hard it is to run a one-person show. You find yourself accountable for every aspect of your business operation and are starting to become frustrated and overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities that come up.  You may even miss the days of being an employee and realizing how essential a support staff is to the success of a business.

A Courteous Communications is here to help guide you through this new territory and to provide you with an affordable virtual office receptionist that can help with non-revenue generating distractions.

8 Ways a Medical Telephone Answering Service Can Help Your On-Site Medical Staff

The medical field is one of the few industries today that still operates with 100% open communication; even using antiquated tools like beepers and faxes in their everyday tasks. With all of these options for incoming messages, inquiries and requests, a medical office is bogged down each day and seems to be busied with more administrative tasks than medical ones. In this article, we will focus on 8 interesting ways a medical telephone answering service can help your current medical staff.

24 Hour Answering Services for Your Real Estate Listings and Open Houses

According to recent studies, realtors and real estate brokerage firms are upping the ante when it comes to providing 24 hour customer service and real-time technologies when listing their properties. With the endless amount of on-line services available to homebuyers, you may start asking yourself, “How can my real estate business survive in today’s saturated market?” The best defense is a great offense and in this article, our 24 hour answering services take you through the recent marketing trends to help your realtor office stay relevant.

How Does an Appointment Scheduling Service Work?

We get questions from small and large companies that want to know a little more information and often ask, “How does an appointment scheduling service work?” We have articles on our blog that explain how outsourcing your calls can help turn leads into scheduled appointments. In this article, we dive a little deeper into the scheduling process and you learn how your business can benefit from an appointment scheduling service.

Forbes 7 Habits of Great Small Business Owners

Here at A Courteous Communications, we like to write helpful articles that guide entrepreneurs and business owners in the right direction for growing a successful business. Since opening our doors in 1986, we have always said that our success depends on our clients’ success. Our virtual receptionist team wanted to share this very interesting Forbes’ article, 7 habits of great small business owners, while giving you additional advice for your small service business.

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