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10 Facts About Hiring a Virtual Live Receptionist Service

10 Facts About Hiring a Virtual Live Receptionist Service

Outsourcing your calls to an off-site location can be a bit of a mystery. Who’s going to answer my calls? How are they going to answer my customer’s inquiries? What tasks can a virtual live receptionist service handle on my behalf?

Here’s a quick roundup of 10 facts that’ll help you hire the best answering service for your business’s particular needs.    

Virtual Office Receptionists Help You Start a Side Business While Working Your Day Job

Are you trying to start a side business while being employed full-time or are you trying to supplement your current income by running a small startup company? If you are moonlighting, get ready for some intensely long work hours and kiss your weekends goodbye. Juggling these two big commitments is going to be a bumpy ride but if you have the right support system in place, your transition from employee to employer doesn’t have to be so rough. In this article, we will discuss how virtual office receptionists help you start your side business or venture with little to no pain.

We Are Your 24 Hour Answering Service During the Holidays

We Are Your 24 Hour Answering Service During the Holidays

Our 24 hour answering services allow your in-house employees to enjoy the fun of holiday office parties and long weekends. Be the boss that everyone loves when you say, “Transfer the phones to our answering service, it’s party time!” In this fun holiday article, we will discuss how our team of experts can give you and your staff the freedom to close early for holidays and other special events.

24 Hour Answering Service in Orlando Helping Small Businesses

In the ambitious city of Orlando, A Courteous Communications started out as a small business with just one telephone agent. Nearly thirty years later, our Florida-based 24 hour answering service has expanded into other states like California, Tennessee and more.

Basically, we know the stresses and hiccups you run into as small business owners and startup companies. Our live receptionist service has been through a lot since opening in 1986, and our experience can help you run more efficiently. We are an answering service for small business owners like you who need a support staff but can’t afford full-time employees just yet.

3 Ways a Virtual Office Receptionist Can Help With Non-Revenue Generating Distractions

If you are a new small business owner, you have just discovered how hard it is to run a one-person show. You find yourself accountable for every aspect of your business operation and are starting to become frustrated and overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities that come up.  You may even miss the days of being an employee and realizing how essential a support staff is to the success of a business.

A Courteous Communications is here to help guide you through this new territory and to provide you with an affordable virtual office receptionist that can help with non-revenue generating distractions.

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