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Diary of An Agent: Virtual Receptionists Keeping Your Hotel Guests Happy Through the Night

One of the late-shift virtual receptionists on my team asked me to cover for her so that she could take her son to visit her parents over the weekend. I usually have the morning shift so I jumped at the opportunity to see who was calling in during the wee hours of the morning over here at A Courteous Communications.

Diary of an Agent | I Forgot My Husband's Gift!

The holiday season is my favorite part of the year as an agent at the best answering service, A Courteous Communications. The office is always decked out with holiday decorations, and the nip in the air puts everyone in a good mood. Our live receptionist service team goes all out and places special holiday treats in the break room, twinkle lights flashing 24 hours in the office and a few festive trees placed in the operators’ room.

Emergency After-Hours Answering Service Helps With a Broken A/C Unit

I loved writing this diary entry. After a busy day at work helping others with emergency service calls, I was the one that needed help. It was my turn to call for emergency after-hours answering service, not the other way around.

Diary of An Agent: Save That Tooth | Dental Emergencies in our Medical Answering Service

Every day in the emergency dispatch call center I am given the opportunity to help someone with an emergency. As I was flipping through my diary I came across this entry. Dental Emergencies in our Medical Answering Service is serious business because of the pain and consequences associated with this medical field.

Diary of an Agent | Why I Love Answering Business Telephone Lines

You read that right, yes, I love my job and I look forward to the varying scenarios I am faced with each day I am answering business telephone lines

I am not writing this diary entry for the benefit of my telephone answering service supervisor, lol, I am writing it to share the hidden beauties of my job that not everyone gets to witness. Why did I choose a career in the business answering service industry? Well, I sort of fell into it and after learning the many hats I get to wear while performing the tasks of a virtual receptionist and virtual assistant, I began to fall in love with the constant change my workday provides me.


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