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Not Only an Answering Service for Small Business: 5 Reasons We’re Rock Star Employees

We here at A Courteous Communications have a motto, “We are never just the answering service.” The truth is, we are whatever our clients need us to be, but above all, we are rock star employees for offices just like yours. Being a 24 hour, 7 day a week employee is impossible for an in-house staff member. Once you realize the benefits of outsourcing your telephone handling needs, you will know that we are the best employees you ever could have hired!

And the 2014 ATSI Award of Excellence Winner is Courteous Answering Service!

Our outstanding virtual receptionist and telephone messaging services win us another national award in the telecommunications industry, the ATSI Award of Excellence.

Join A Courteous Communication’s staff as we joyously sing from the rooftops, “We did it! We won the award of excellence for outstanding customer service again!” We are extremely honored to accept such a highly coveted award and thank our team of outstanding telephone agents as they bring home the accolades once more.

Why We Enter and Win Telephone Answering Service Competitions

Yes, we enter our virtual receptionists into annual competitions within the telecommunications industry so that we can be in the running to win fantastic awards, but mainly, we enter to keep our skills sharp, modern and within the top tier amongst our competitors. In order to claim that we are the best telephone answering service in the United States, we must compete with others in our field to really show what we are made of.

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