Diary of an Agent

Diary of An Agent: Virtual Receptionists Keeping Your Hotel Guests Happy Through the Night

One of the late-shift virtual receptionists on my team asked me to cover for her so that she could take her son to visit her parents over the weekend. I usually have the morning shift so I jumped at the opportunity to see who was calling in during the wee hours of the morning over here at A Courteous Communications.

Diary of an Agent | I Forgot My Husband's Gift!

The holiday season is my favorite part of the year as an agent at the best answering service, A Courteous Communications. The office is always decked out with holiday decorations, and the nip in the air puts everyone in a good mood. Our live receptionist service team goes all out and places special holiday treats in the break room, twinkle lights flashing 24 hours in the office and a few festive trees placed in the operators’ room.

Emergency After-Hours Answering Service Helps With a Broken A/C Unit

I loved writing this diary entry. After a busy day at work helping others with emergency service calls, I was the one that needed help. It was my turn to call for emergency after-hours answering service, not the other way around.

Diary of An Agent: Save That Tooth | Dental Emergencies in our Medical Answering Service

Every day in the emergency dispatch call center I am given the opportunity to help someone with an emergency. As I was flipping through my diary I came across this entry. Dental Emergencies in our Medical Answering Service is serious business because of the pain and consequences associated with this medical field.

Diary of an Agent | Telephone Reservation Support for a Surprise Anniversary

After grabbing a strong cup of coffee from our telephone agent break room, I sat down at my work station ready for the next shift of ringing telephone calls. One of my first calls that came through made my day; possibly even my week.

I would love to share the name of the restaurant that I was answering for that day, but of course, our clients have 100% confidentiality. Most of the time, their calling diners don’t even realize that I am a virtual hostess; answering their inquiries from another state. The gentleman that called in next was no exception and automatically thought I was the restaurant hostess waiting to take his dinner reservation. With the booking calendar open, I started to look for availability this upcoming weekend when he shared, “It’s a dinner reservation for ten and it’s me and my wife’s 30th anniversary.” I smiled wide and said, “Congratulations! Thirty years is definitely something to celebrate. Let’s see if we can find some space for Saturday night.” As I quickly scanned the restaurant’s calendar and times available he started to tell me that he wanted to do something super special for his bride. He always forgets their anniversary but this year he made certain to have it on the calendar to plan something unique for her.

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