Why We Enter and Win Telephone Answering Service Competitions

Yes, we enter our virtual receptionists into annual competitions within the telecommunications industry so that we can be in the running to win fantastic awards, but mainly, we enter to keep our skills sharp, modern and within the top tier amongst our competitors. In order to claim that we are the best telephone answering service in the United States, we must compete with others in our field to really show what we are made of.

Diary of an Agent | Behind the Scenes of a Business Telephone Answering Service

When thinking of a business telephone answering service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, what comes to mind? Do you picture a room full of talking operators halfway around the world talking into their headsets in a fast-paced loud tempo? Most people do, but I want to bring you along with me on my day-to-day atmosphere at A Courteous Communications business answering service in Orlando, Florida.

Emergency Snow Day | Telephone Support for Your Ringing Lines

A Courteous Communications has been answering the telephone lines for small and large businesses since 1986. During that time, our services have aided companies in keeping communications open with their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; especially through tough times such as America’s recent never ending snowstorms. Our state of the art technology and backup generators ensure that our 24 hour call center never goes down or receives service interruptions. We hold our heads incredibly high over here at A Courteous Communication Answering Service and we proudly share that we have never experienced service interruption in the nearly thirty years of service. That’s a track record your business can trust!

Diary of an Agent | Why I Love Answering Business Telephone Lines

You read that right, yes, I love my job and I look forward to the varying scenarios I am faced with each day I am answering business telephone lines

I am not writing this diary entry for the benefit of my telephone answering service supervisor, lol, I am writing it to share the hidden beauties of my job that not everyone gets to witness. Why did I choose a career in the business answering service industry? Well, I sort of fell into it and after learning the many hats I get to wear while performing the tasks of a virtual receptionist and virtual assistant, I began to fall in love with the constant change my workday provides me.


A Courteous Communication Wins the 2013 ATSI Award of Excellence!

A Courteous Communications is a proud winner of the ATSI Award of Excellence! Being a 2013 ATSI Award Excellence winner is kind of a big deal for a business telephone answering service!  This Award is given to the few answering services in the nation that provide topnotch services to their clients. Throughout the year, ATSI’s highly trained mystery callers phone our clients’ lines to conduct a survey on our incoming call services.

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