How to Never Miss a Weekend of After Hours Potential Client Calling

Say you missed just 2 new customer calls a month because you offer normal 9-5 business hours. This means you lose 24 new customers a year!!! How would your business annual profit margin look if you had a minimum of 24 more paying customers? Think about your profits filed this past year. Were they all you hoped they would be? Did they under excite your appetite as a profit seeking entrepreneur or shareholder? Want to know the secret of how to never miss a weekend of after hours potential client phone call? For services as low as $10.00 a month, $120.00 a year, would it make sense for you to outsource your incoming business calls to an award winning after hours potential client service?

The Power of a Virtual Answering Service

When you think of a receptionist, what do you think their daily tasks consist of? Answering your business telephone lines, yes, but what else? We here at A Courteous Communications Answering Service are going to list out the general duties, requirements and expectations from an on-site receptionist.

Diary of an Agent | Assisting Businesses in Snow Storm Emergencies

What happens when each and every caller is experiencing an emergency that needs attention right then and there? Learn more about answering services that are experienced in assisting businesses in snow storm emergencies.

Why We Enter and Win Telephone Answering Service Competitions

Yes, we enter our virtual receptionists into annual competitions within the telecommunications industry so that we can be in the running to win fantastic awards, but mainly, we enter to keep our skills sharp, modern and within the top tier amongst our competitors. In order to claim that we are the best telephone answering service in the United States, we must compete with others in our field to really show what we are made of.

A Courteous Communication Wins the 2013 ATSI Award of Excellence!

A Courteous Communications is a proud winner of the ATSI Award of Excellence! Being a 2013 ATSI Award Excellence winner is kind of a big deal for a business telephone answering service!  This Award is given to the few answering services in the nation that provide topnotch services to their clients. Throughout the year, ATSI’s highly trained mystery callers phone our clients’ lines to conduct a survey on our incoming call services.

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