Diary of an Agent | Why I Love Answering Business Telephone Lines

You read that right, yes, I love my job and I look forward to the varying scenarios I am faced with each day I am answering business telephone lines

I am not writing this diary entry for the benefit of my telephone answering service supervisor, lol, I am writing it to share the hidden beauties of my job that not everyone gets to witness. Why did I choose a career in the business answering service industry? Well, I sort of fell into it and after learning the many hats I get to wear while performing the tasks of a virtual receptionist and virtual assistant, I began to fall in love with the constant change my workday provides me.


How Many Calls Did You Miss Today and What Did Those Calls Cost You? Hire a 24 Hour Answering Service Today

Let us say that you are an Orlando Starbucks’ Franchise Owner and you are looking for an after-hours plumber because your 24 hour coffee shop’s toilet is stopped up. Your usual plumber that would help in such a crisis has gone out of business and you have yet to replace that essential maintenance relationship. So, what do you do?

Diary of an Agent | Telephone Reservation Support for a Surprise Anniversary

After grabbing a strong cup of coffee from our telephone agent break room, I sat down at my work station ready for the next shift of ringing telephone calls. One of my first calls that came through made my day; possibly even my week.

I would love to share the name of the restaurant that I was answering for that day, but of course, our clients have 100% confidentiality. Most of the time, their calling diners don’t even realize that I am a virtual hostess; answering their inquiries from another state. The gentleman that called in next was no exception and automatically thought I was the restaurant hostess waiting to take his dinner reservation. With the booking calendar open, I started to look for availability this upcoming weekend when he shared, “It’s a dinner reservation for ten and it’s me and my wife’s 30th anniversary.” I smiled wide and said, “Congratulations! Thirty years is definitely something to celebrate. Let’s see if we can find some space for Saturday night.” As I quickly scanned the restaurant’s calendar and times available he started to tell me that he wanted to do something super special for his bride. He always forgets their anniversary but this year he made certain to have it on the calendar to plan something unique for her.

10 Reasons Your Business Should Hire Our Specialty Answering Service

We wanted to give you 100 reasons you should hire our business telephone answering service but being in the business, we know time is money! Let’s get on with it!

A Courteous Communication Wins the 2013 ATSI Award of Excellence!

A Courteous Communications is a proud winner of the ATSI Award of Excellence! Being a 2013 ATSI Award Excellence winner is kind of a big deal for a business telephone answering service!  This Award is given to the few answering services in the nation that provide topnotch services to their clients. Throughout the year, ATSI’s highly trained mystery callers phone our clients’ lines to conduct a survey on our incoming call services.

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