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Telephone Answering Service Since 1986

For 30 years, A Courteous Communications has been providing businesses nationwide our award winning telephone answering service; 24 hour call center; and virtual office receptionist assistance. We are a business telephone answering service and are available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Have more questions about what a business telephone answering service does? We are here to guide you through your questions.

What our telephone anwering service can do for you

You simply forward your telephone lines to our skilled and courteous virtual receptionists and we assist your customers just as you would expect from an in-house receptionist. Each one of our clients customize their accounts to fit their exact needs. You can have our virtual receptionists answer overflow calls, during specific times of day or during high busy seasons.

  • Step One: Forward Your Business Calls When You Need Them Answered
  • Step Two: 24 Hour Access to Your Messages and Virtual Receptionist Team
  • Step Three: Unforward Your Business Lines Anytime You Would Like to Answer Your Calls


When and How Our Telephone Answering Service Can Help

Based on your unique business call volumes and current in-house staff, we can recommend many ways to have our 24 hour call center answering for your business lines. Since each of our client’s accounts are customized by our client, we can give you some examples of how other businesses benefit from outsourcing their telephone calls during specific times:

  • Businesses with in-house receptionists forward their business calls after normal business hours and on weekends. So when your office closes and all staff leaves at 5:00 pm, your virtual receptionist staff then clocks in and takes the later hour shifts. Remember, with A Courteous Telephone Answering Service, you only pay for calls that come in on your line. Don’t send your after-hour potentials clients and marketing leads to an answering machine after 5:00 pm. Hire our virtual receptionists to handle the call and act as an extension of your office from our locations throughout the United States.

  • Mobile Businesses or At-Home Businesses allow our virtual receptionists to answer all of their incoming business calls. When you are operating a mobile or at-home business, you mostly like have no support staff assisting the administrative tasks of your business. Our virtual receptionists give your home business a professional and impressive first impression for your callers. Allow us to take messages for you when you are unavailable or allow us to dispatch calls directly to your cell phone for optimal flexibility and convenience.

  • Small Businesses with few employees benefit greatly from our award winning answering services by allowing us to answer their company lines 24 hours a day. Our virtual receptionists are able to remove some of the pressures and time consuming call handling tasks from your busy small staff; allowing them to work on deadlines and other projects. Save on business expenses by hiring our team to answer your calls; schedule your meetings; dispatch emergency calls to the proper department; and other unique services at a fraction of the price it would cost to hire an in-house receptionist.

  • Service and Commercial Companies that provide after-hour services are able to successfully and efficiently run their business with the help of our 24 hour call center services, service scheduling and emergency dispatch services. After customizing their account to include service areas, answers to FAQ’s, standard service rates and fees and other pertinent information, our virtual receptionist team is trained specifically on the service company’s account. Our service technician clients can now go about their day, servicing clients and attending routine appointments without the constant interruption of a ringing cell phone. When a service technician or service company hires our answering service, they know their phone will only ring when their is a new service call awaiting confirmation and attention.

  • Medical Offices, Clinics and Hospitals have been hiring A Courteous Answering Service since 1986 and we proudly answer for thousands of doctors and hundreds of hospitals around the country. We have a Medical Answering Service Team within our 24 hour call center that is designated and trained specifically for handling our doctors, physicians, clinics and other medical professional lines. Our medical telephone answering service division is 100% HIPAA compliant and our medical virtual receptionists also go through medical training programs focused on: compassionate call handling; emergency call handling and dispatch; commonly used medical terms and abbreviations; spelling for top used physician names and departments; and other helpful areas that are medical field specific.

  • Custom Phone Handling Services are available and are encouraged to our clients. We aren’t just an answering machine. We want to assist you in helping you grow your business and provide top quality customer service to your new and existing clients. These examples are just a sampling of how various businesses have been using our telephone answering services for the past 30 years. Click here to request a quote on a custom package for your business that can be as low as $1.00 per day; depending on your business needs.


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