10 Reasons Your Business Should Hire Our Specialty Answering Service

We wanted to give you 100 reasons you should hire our business telephone answering service but being in the business, we know time is money! Let’s get on with it!

Why Should Your Business Outsource Your Scheduling Needs?

You are a savvy business owner that constantly tries to economize and strategize the inner workings of your successful company. So why would you care to outsource the scheduling of your appointments and consultations? Read on and learn why we are the smart business decision to help you outsource your scheduling needs.

Diary of an Agent | Medical Emergencies Hotline Handled With Care

Answering for doctors’ offices and hospitals require constant attention to detail and a sense of control and compassion. Medical Emergencies Hotline and Telephone Lines need to be handled by trained professionals.

Being a virtual receptionist in a busy business answering service is no easy task to master. You never know what that ringing telephone will bring you and so, here at A Courteous Communications, they train us for the unexpected. I was very thankful for our meticulous medical training while I answered the next incoming call on my board with Dr. X’s office.

Overflow answering service - Does your business need one?

Overflow answering service - Does your business need one? So your company already has an internal on-site receptionist, but how can you benefit from a virtual receptionist taking your overflow calls? Read on to learn what exactly an overflow answering service can do for your business.

A Courteous Communication Wins the 2013 ATSI Award of Excellence!

A Courteous Communications is a proud winner of the ATSI Award of Excellence! Being a 2013 ATSI Award Excellence winner is kind of a big deal for a business telephone answering service!  This Award is given to the few answering services in the nation that provide topnotch services to their clients. Throughout the year, ATSI’s highly trained mystery callers phone our clients’ lines to conduct a survey on our incoming call services.

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