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Diary of an Agent | Why I Love Answering Business Telephone Lines

You read that right, yes, I love my job and I look forward to the varying scenarios I am faced with each day I am answering business telephone lines

I am not writing this diary entry for the benefit of my telephone answering service supervisor, lol, I am writing it to share the hidden beauties of my job that not everyone gets to witness. Why did I choose a career in the business answering service industry? Well, I sort of fell into it and after learning the many hats I get to wear while performing the tasks of a virtual receptionist and virtual assistant, I began to fall in love with the constant change my workday provides me.


Why We Enter and Win Telephone Answering Service Competitions

Yes, we enter our virtual receptionists into annual competitions within the telecommunications industry so that we can be in the running to win fantastic awards, but mainly, we enter to keep our skills sharp, modern and within the top tier amongst our competitors. In order to claim that we are the best telephone answering service in the United States, we must compete with others in our field to really show what we are made of.

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